Growth Spurt #1: Mind Gym, Grant Cardone, and Self-Awareness

Hello! A very nerdy welcome to the very first weekly digest from Nerd 4 Thought!

I’m still toying with names, but Growth Spurt seems fine for now – any other suggestions?

Let’s get straight into it!

Book Reviews of the Week: “Mind Gym”, and “Be Obssesed or Be Average” by Grant Cardone



Mind Gym aims to teach you how to identify your bad mental habits and change them. It suggests that by doing this that you will be able to get more done, deal with challenges, be more influential, and generally enjoy your life more… sign me up!

Pity it didn’t live up to the pedestal I had begun to put it on in my head. While I found that there were many valid points, and agreed with the bad mental habits they identify, I found that the book only really scratched the surface, and I felt like I was reading the world’s longest introduction. I felt my motivation waning, cut my losses and reverted back to an old favourite which never fails to help me get my mindset back on track… Be Obssessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone.


If you have not read this book (or listened to it), I highly suggest you do so immediately. Unless of course you are happy being average. If you think you fall into this category, I challenge you to dig deep and really evaluate this. Do you actually have everything you ever dreamed of? Or is there room for more?

Watch my full review here

Talk of the week

I absolutely LOVED this talk by Angela Lee Duckworth, on grit, perserverance, and the growth mindset.

 Quote of the week

“By becoming self-aware, you gain ownership of reality; in becoming real, you become the master of both inner and outer life” – Deepak Chopra


Have a fantastic week this week, crush it,




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