My Fire Speech


With the announcement of those who will be speaking at 10X Growth Con 2018, it got me thinking. If someone asked me to get up on stage and share what had inspired me to get up at 3 am and tackle the things that scared me, what would I say? What would I tell them about the beginning of my slippery slope into madness and hunger for success?

I imagined, I visualized it, and I wrote it down. It is done. it is a speech for those who want more. It is a speech for the hungry.

Now to think about delivery. Even though I film and upload you tube videos regularly now, I’m terrified of standing up and speaking in front of real, live people. Even standing up in a room sharing some results makes me stutter, sweat, and I inevitably feel the blood rush to my face (which is only exacerbated by knowing I’ve gone red). But isn’t this all the more reason to write it? To tackle yet another terrifying and necessary part of life and dominate it?

The prospect excites me to no end! I love my speech. It embodies me and what I’m about. It reflects my soul. I haven’t figured out where and when I will deliver this speech, but I’m amped at the prospect, and for the opportunity! Until then…

Stay hungry,





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