Day 1: 90 Days Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


A bit of background heading into this series…

I first came across Danelle after listening to her speak at this year’s 10X Growth Con (on the live feed, I wasn’t quite sold enough to attend a conference on the other side of the world at the time!). Her words hit me hard.

Yesterday I signed up for her online training modules on motivation and implementation, in which she asks for absolute consistency and dedication for 90 days, so here we go! I will be documenting my progress as I go (after this blog intended to be a sort of diary of my journey, sharing my thoughts, useful tips and absolute failures as I go).

I consider myself a motivated person, however I do have a few issues with consistency. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I let it get to me, or I don’t have the right tools to do what I need to do and I give up. It has been my greatest weakness, but one I am determined to work on!

Day 1

Not the best start…

I aim to get all my tasks done during the day, so that the hour or so I have before an early night, is completely available to spend time with my partner. The night before, I had let myself get too comfortable sitting by the heater watching a series on Netflix with him, and I went to bed late… and yesterday I struggled to get out of bed… not good.

I ended up getting up too late to do my usual morning routine, and had to come straight to work, while being disappointed in myself for missing out on all the things I usually get done before I get there, and had to play catch up during lunch, and before bed.

Rewards and consequences

I also had to skip my morning espresso stop on the way to work, which I have now decided will be my daily reward for getting my morning to-do list done (most of my to-do list is done in the morning while I am usually most motivated).  This is another thing I have picked up from the training modules, have rewards and consequences for yourself. My morning coffee stop is a treat that I will not have if I don’t start my day properly.

For working hard at my additional jobs in order to pay for the whole trip, I have also tacked on a few extra days in Las Vegas next year, when I plan on attending the next 10X Growth Con! In a way, this is assuming that I will have done the work to get there, but I figure if I haven’t done the work, I won’t have the money to enjoy myself properly, and I will end up working from my hotel room instead, while people outside get to soak up the sun!

So here’s to a (more) consistent 90 days, and more consistent results for all the things I am working towards!

I hope you’re smashing your goals today!






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