Day 2: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Aside from new some wrist pain I currently seem to be experiencing during my morning yoga practice, Day 2 went SIGNIFICANTLY better than Day 1.

Note: If this is the first blog in this series that you are reading, you should read my introduction on my Day 1 post so you know what I’m raving on about!

I smashed out bare bones for lyrics for 3 songs in the 15 minute slot I give myself during the week, achieved all my morning tasks (eagerly snapping up my coffee stop reward on the way to work), and was UBER productive when I got there.

I felt light all day, and although I would usually practically chain-drink coffee at my desk, come lunchtime, I was very aware that I hadn’t made myself one yet (not that it lasted all day, but still a noticeable and unexpected difference!). I don’t know whether it was my elevated mood due to my songwriting block lifting, or Danelle’s words ringing in my ears, but either way I’ll take it! 88 days to go!

I hope your smashing your goals today! Why not try the 90 day commitment challenge yourself?







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