Day 6: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Well, this weekend was the first weekend of this challenge. The weekends are my weak points when it comes to consistency. I usually like to stay flexible with my time, but this weekend I was determined to stay rigid!

I wrote up my schedule the nights before, which worked around my rostered shifts, I set my alarms and I’m really happy with how it went!

I wasn’t too sure about what little rewards to set myself for getting my to-do lists done, but after a bit contemplation I’ve decided that if I get everything done on Saturday that getting an extra hour sleep on Sunday will be my reward for this, (absolute bliss after a hard week!).

If I achieve my Sunday to-do list, my reward will be being able to partake in Pizza Sunday, which has been a standard Sunday night ritual in our house for a year or so now! It would be brutal if I had to sit this one out while my partner ate pizza in front of me, so I’d say it will be a decent “carrot” to dangle!

Note: If this is the first blog in this series that you are reading, you should read my introduction on my Day 1 post so you know what I’m raving on about!

I hope you’re smashing your goals today!




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