Day 55: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Other than training for a new area in my volunteer job, and a quick meal and catch up with friends who have either just returned from travelling, or are just about to, it was a fairly typical Sunday.

I did however come to some sort of conclusion about a few questions I had been asking myself about my goals, and the direction I am taking.

I call it my “monthly crisis” (although not entirely accurate as it’s not necessarily that often!) I find that every now and then I feel like I have to sort of “evaluate” what I’m doing and more importantly, why I’m doing it, to make sure I’m doing as much as I can do achieve what really matters most, and that those things still matter most to me. Sometimes I can sort out these little niggles quite quickly, other times it can take a few days of pondering and researching a few things.

A pretty good example of this is “What’s Your Life Purpose Question Tag” video I uploaded a few months ago! I try and ask myself different questions from all different angles and see if I still come out with the same answers, and sometimes, I actually come out with new ideas and methods to achieve the same things! It just keeps me fresh and completely sold on what I’m doing.

I can confirm that I am firmly on track, and still running in the same direction, but still have plenty more track to run! Gotta keep pushing forward.

I hope you’re going out to smash your goals today!





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