Day 56: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


In writing my Day 55 update blog, I re-watched a vlog I’d done a few months ago, and was really encouraged to know that I have indeed been working in the things I said I would work on, and that I am now further along in moving towards the things that I said I wanted, without remembering what exactly I said in the video.

It was kind of like looking back at body measurements when you’ve been busting ass to loose weight for a long time, but instead of losing body fat, I shed mental fat, and gained a better understanding of myself in the process!

I highly recommend doing your own video! Even if you just keep it for yourself to look back on, to see if you have stuck to your goals, or if not what goals changed and why. I learned a lot from looking back a short video!

Smash those goals today,







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