Day 85: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Day 85 was bittersweet. It started off with a VERY close encounter with a car while I was on my bike. I will never know if they actually didn’t see me and they just happen to be a very bad driver, or if it was road rage, but to me it felt like the latter and it ruffled me.

I hate that I let it get under my skin, I hate being vulnerable and letting myself get emotional in front of people who didn’t see it, and didn’t understand why it had felt like more than your average cyclist vs car encounter and why it had gotten under my skin.

But since I like to find at least one silver lining in everything, here they are:

  1. The site manager of the are the driver was clearly coming from saw the incident, and from the look on his face when he came to talk to me afterward, was clearly as horrified by it as I was, and so will hopefully will handle it accordingly (as they promised)
  2. Sometimes you don’t really see who people are until you’re having a bad day, and I was grateful for the kindness that was there, and especially when I got back on my bike and got back home at the end of the day, and back to the one who understands me the most

Here’s to a new day…


Have a fabulous day today! You never know how many more fabulous days you have left!







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