Soul Sunday: Sunshine (but not too much)


A few things I have been grateful for this week:

  1. The earlier sunrise has made it a touch easier to be up early. Sunshine always eases the mood! Especially when you have the feeling you’re heading for another scorcher! Which leads me to no. 2…
  2. Mild mornings which make it easier to get outside work done before heading inside to work for the rest of the day
  3. Air Conditioning. I think most of New Zealand must have been grateful for any form of air conditioning they could get near in the last week over the last week or so! I have been well guilty of lingering a little in the cooler sections of the supermarket!
  4. Good taxi driver banter heading into (and away from) a busy day, even if I couldn’t understand all of it
  5. A good book and a yarn to ease bumpy flight nerves

I hope you’re ready for another big week on the grind!








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