WIP Wednesday

With the end of the year approaching, I’ve been working literally every day, with some days being very, very long so alas, I haven’t had much time for my creative projects, and I’m now practically itching to spend more time on them… roll on Christmas holidays!

Here’s where I’m at for now:


I’ve started a new song, a very fast one, but is a favourite of mine: Lamb of God’s “Pathetic”. Actually I’ve been doing pretty well I think! (although played at half the regular speed). There are a lot of bends throughout so its been good practice.

My voice has been sounding much better, I’ve been staying relatively hydrated which I think has helped A LOT, and created a new playlist to sing a long with in the car as I was getting bored of the short one that I had, which has also helped with motivation. This next week I think I’ll put a bit more focus on breathing in the right places and that’s been tripping me up a bit.

As for songwriting, I actually haven’t gotten to any in the last week, although I feel like I have a good few songs building up inside of me I just need to get them down on paper.


I started pinning up my dress to get ready to sew and very quickly realised I’d messed up a measurement somewhere so this is on my radar to go back over the measurements and start sewing this weekend! Some of my ebay haul (studs and the like) have started arriving, although there are still a good few to come.


Millions of new designs have been coming to me, although I haven’t managed to get them on to paper yet, so there is also quite a bit of sketching to do this weekend! Something that I haven’t had much practice doing, so maybe I’ll be the only one that understands what the real image looks like in my head, but hey, that’s all that matters for now right? 🙂


Yoga & Meditation

I’ve been getting short spurts of stretching in largely so no major improvements observed with yoga. I did manage to get a longer session in yesterday morning in though, trying out a new flow that focused on my tight hamstrings, and it was absolute bliss! Just what I needed.


My fiction reading of the moment is a book lent to me called “The Clan of the Cave Bear” by Jean M. Auel which has been pretty good so far. The book has definitely seen some life! I take it as a good sign for the story to come.


For my non-fiction, I’ve just downloaded an Kelly Cutrone’s audiobook “Normal Gets You Nowhere”, and I’m REALLY REALLY excited by what I’ve heard so far, OMFG YES KELLY, YES!

I’m curious to know what everyone else is working on? Any books I should be adding to my reading list?

Have a fantastic, productive, crazy day!




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