WIP Wednesday

Woo holidays! Not that I’m slacking off…! Man oh man I wish I could afford to learn and create all day every day, but I’m just not at that level (yet)… motivation…


I haven’t really been focusing on learning new songs, but rather on just gaining speed and confidence, so I’ve largely been focusing on various scales and trying to play the current songs I know at the speed they’re meant to be played, and I am gaining confidence every day so that’s a good sign!

I’ve gone back to basics with singing as well, focusing on breathing, etc. and really trying to make it all second nature so that I have a solid foundation to build on. As well as trying to memorize lyrics for new songs I didn’t quite know off by heart. It’s much easier to focus on your technique if you don’t have to think about the words too!


I haven’t been sewing as such… more like destroying! In other words, I’ve been experimenting with shredding and weaving some old shirts of mine that I never wear anymore. The holidays has of course been an ideal time to clear out my drawers of anything I don’t wear, and try out some upcycling ideas, so that will probably keep me busy for a wee while.

I quite like the results for this one, and I think it will probably become a yoga top, which is a bit funkier than a crop top and tights! I’ve left the front plain (bar the studs that were already around the armholes), and created a bit of fun in the back.


Yoga & Meditation

It has been bliss being able to practice while it is light. It makes such a difference to the feel of the practice! And having as much time as I want afterward to meditate? Luxury! Now this is why I have worked hard all year… If working even harder next year will get me closer to a place where I can do this every day? Then that is definitely some incentive to dig deep and grind…


I’ve only just started trying to teach myself French (via an app as per yesterday’s post!). It is such a beautiful language though, so I’m looking forward to being able to crack out some lines, or even (and a more likely scenario), wander around the house creating and talking myself through my process in french as I start to get a little frustrated with what I’m doing and start to lose the plot as it gets later…).



Have a fantastic, productive, crazy day!




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