Freestyle Friday: Spring Cleaning


OK so it’s not actually spring anymore, but the summer holiday is the best time to actually get this stuff done! Our house and yard hasn’t looked this tidy since, well last summer… and there’s still more left on my summer to-do list.

Throughout the process I’ve found all sorts of clothes, books, and other items that have been used up, outgrown, or become outdated. Largely this is because they no longer align with my ideals, values or mindset for whatever reason, and now they sit gathering dust in various corners and cupboards. At some point in the past, these items were here to serve a purpose and a goal that has either been achieved, forgotten, or discarded.

Having this stuff around, it is a constant reminder of those old values and ideals, and old thoughts that are no longer of value to have at the forefront of my mind. This clear-out will not only give a sense of satisfaction at having such a tidy home and yard, but will also serve as a mental clear out of these old mental associations that no longer serve me!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want or need dusty old goals taking up space in my house or my mind, so I say let’s get rid of all these old and outdated mental associations! Let’s bring in new items that align with new goals, new heights, and assist us in getting to where we want to be!

Keep pushing forward!




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