Motivational Monday: 2018 Game Plan

Well it’s the first day of 2018, and no doubt you’ve thought about things you’d like to do or change this year.

Good! Great even. Write it all down. Not just what you think is reasonable to achieve in a year, write down what you’d Love to do this year. 

Now write down what you’re going to do every day to work towards these goals. If it’s worth doing, then it must be worth doing every day right? 

Small, intentional actions taken every day, add up to hard earned success. How good do you think you could get at something new by this time next year if you’ve done it 365 times? 

If you actively tried to speak a new language every day for a year, how fluent do you think you’d be in a year’s time? How about if you wrote a new story every day, or even a page in longer story? Would you have a novel or two ready for publishing by the end of the year? How good would that feel?

So what will your plan be? 

Stay hungry, let your imagination run wild, then harness that creativity!


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