Having Permission


I’ve seen a few motivational posts lately that contain something like “if you need permission, here it is”. It saddens me that so many people feel like they need it.

IT’S YOUR LIFE! If you’re not hurting anyone, then why do you need permission?

Two things:

  1. You may think it will hurt someone in your life, but are you really hurting them, or are you setting them free? Or hey, are you setting yourself free from living the life that they wanted for you rather than your own?
  2. Letting the people you care about know what you’re doing and where you are going to be focusing your energies is not the same as asking for permission. You should be able to share these things! If you feel like you have to keep it to yourself, ask yourself why.

What are you going to “give yourself permission”  to do (i.e. JUST DO) today?





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