Tend to Your Life Like It’s Your Business

because it is…

If you’d invested hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours time in your business, would you decide to just abandon it one day? Or would you fight tooth and nail to make it work?

Would you leave it up to just any random stranger to make sure the ship is moving in the right direction, and just assume they know which direction that is? Unlikely…

The seeds you sew, and the plants that spring forth from them, are the result of a little research, the right combination of conditions, and a little love. Without continued attention, and adjustment to conditions where needed they can wilt and die.

Why would you abandon the rest of your life and leave it for everyone else to decide what should be done about your sad looking herb garden? Do you think someone else cares as much about the size of your tomatoes as you do?

This doesn’t mean you need to be physically doing everything… but you should probably know what’s going on, who’s doing it, why they’re doing it, what your alternatives are, and if you’re really happy with that course of action, or if you’re just going along with it.

Food (or rather lemonade) for thought.



via Daily Prompt: Tend


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