12th Feb 2018: Day 1 of Fashion School


Dear Diary,

I know that the practical step would have been to wait until the next school intake, when I had had more time to prepare for classes, and continue to work on my skills until then. But something in my GUT told me that this was the right path, and that the timing would never be perfect.

I also had the sneaking suspicion that if I had decided to wait 6 months to a year for the next intake, that I would regret the lost time. After all, I’ve waited YEARS to give this a go, why wait any longer? Sure it was going to be hard work, but I’ve never been scared of that, and it was always going to be hard.

Except it wasn’t that hard. It was INCREDIBLY interesting! The time flew by, and I think any nerves that my boss might have had about me not being constantly in the office seemed to dissipate as it became obvious that people didn’t even notice I wasn’t at my desk for a large chunk of what would be considered “normal” working hours (although there were plenty of other crazies working late to catch up on things so it would seem I’m not the only super busy person!).

I’m VERY excited about my first pattern making class today… BRING IT ON!

Stay electric,





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