19th Feb 2018: Viva Las Vegas!

Dear Diary,

Technically I got to do February 19th twice since I left New Zealand at 6am on the 19th, and landed in LA at 5.30am on the 19th. How cool is that?!

3 flights, and 27 hours later I landed in Las Vegas! Needless to say I was pretty tired, and completely under prepared for the cold winter air. We’ve been having 30 degree days at home (Celsius, which I believe is around 86 Fahrenheit).

I checked the forecast before I left and it estimated around 20-25 deg. C. But the weather report this morning said that if it hadn’t been for the wind last night, it would have been below freezing, which hasn’t happened in these parts since 2016…

I was out walking through that wind for miles with a full day pack (since it was too early to check-in and offload my things). I covered as much ground as my tired body would let me, and then some.

Not super ideal for my body since I have diagnosed myself with adrenal fatigue, and I have no doubt it was a consistent stream of various hormones keeping me going… I’ve only got a couple extra days to be a tourist, and check out the culture for myself so hey, I can heal later.

The sights were amazing, my hotel is amazing, the people have been really sweet… My current electric violet hair colour has definitely not gone unnoticed…

Tomorrow I get to rest up and enjoy a bus trip to the Grand Canyon! Very excited!

Time for a hot bath and some dinner.

Stay amazing and free,



One thought on “19th Feb 2018: Viva Las Vegas!”

  1. Hey ya, what a wonderful trip you have planned. And it’s come around so quickly. Can’t wait until you are back and you can tell me all about it, and photos too. chat later Juliexxx

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