Guess Who’s Back?!…. Back Again!


#SorryNotSorry for the cliche title… because it’s GREAT to be back!

Life has been busy with study, two jobs, and trying to figure out how to launch a business but hey I found my way back eventually… For those who are interested, here’s where I’ve been:

  1. Job No. 1: after some (read MANY) expected teething issues this is now ticking along and I am finding some sort of footing.
  2. Job No. 2: is always ticking along, is always fun, and has slowly been picking up speed for the year
  3. Fashion School: The first half was AMAZING and I learned soo much, but after realising that there wasn’t much left in it for me, and the kinds of things I want to create, I decided to leave early (rather than spend another 2 months just going through the motions just to get a piece of paper at the end that I’ll never look at again!)
  4.  Business launch: Progress is slow, and there have been soo many curveballs that I never saw coming! Launching a business is not for the faint-hearted… nevertheless I have at least launched the website!…. albeit a little sparse, but there is a lot more coming… stay tuned…

With my departure from fashion school, I now plan to dedicate as much of my newly-found free time as possible to learning and practicing all the technical skills and techniques that I didn’t learn at school, and exploring my own creative whims. I’m SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

I’ve come to realise that I am drawn to the big, bold, over-the-top glam, and fantastical, so I am going to be doing much more research into costume and set design, as well as generally drawing and painting anything that tickles my fancy.

I soo look forward to sharing some of these adventures, and reading about yours. Go ahead and share below!

Stay magical, beautiful, and unapologetically hungry to see your dreams come to life ♥







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