My Dreams are Crazy? So What?

If you have big dreams, or even if you only want something ever so slightly different than just working 9-5, then watching sport and getting blotto on the weekend, then you’ve probably received “the look” once or twice.

You know… The one that says that they don’t understand why you’d want to do that, that they don’t think it’ll ever work, that you don’t havewhat it takes, or perhaps that you haven’t actually thought it through (except for every spare second and sleepless night dreading going to your soulless day job in the morning).

Personally, I get one of these looks AT LEAST once a week, and if people knew the half of what I had planned, and am chipping away at, this number would no doubt increase exponentially.

But hey, as much as it can SUCK to feel nobody gets your dreams, or believes in you, I’d rather get this look from someone else, than give it to myself when I feel myself selling myself out of what could potentially be an epic opportunity.

I look forward to proving these people wrong.

How about you? Will you bear the brunt of it and chase your ultimate happiness? Or settle of short term happiness that comes from trying to fit in with the crowd?



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