10 Useful and Motivational Videos for those Rainy Days


Whenever I need a pick-me-up, boost, or to get my head back in the game but don’t even have the motivation to look at my goals, I find that turning to a few of these first can sometimes help with some perspective, useful advice, or even remind me of why I started trying to live this crazy life to the fullest! There are plenty more, but here is just 10 for now!:

  1. Pink’s message to her daughter
  2. Gary Vee – One Life
  3. Gary Vee – No Regrets (watch AFTER one life)
  4. Gary Vee – Do Something About It
  5. Lady Gaga – Kindness
  6. TED Talk – Where are the female superheroes?
  7. Tedx – 100 days of rejection
  8. TED – You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions
  9. Tim Ferris – How to Apply Stoic Philosophy In Your Life
  10. Tim Ferriss – How to Cope with Feeling Unfocused or Overwhelmed

Do let me know of any others that help you!




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