Lessons from a Determined Kitty

Meet our furriest family member, Olive. On these cold winter nights she loves nothing more than to curl up in bed with us… Or rather directly on top or between us!

Problem is, my partner finds it uncomfortable to sleep under the weight of said kitty (she’s not huge but not small either). I don’t mind a snuggle bug nestled into the groove of my waist (I am also a cuddle bug), but I am also a deep sleeper and move around a lot.

If she rolls off when one of us moves, she takes it all in her stride and goes back to sleep where she lands… And then we wake up again later to find a kitty curled back up on top of, or between us, and how can you stay mad at this face?!

If she gets MOVED off because she has decided to pick my partner to sleep on, she will calmly find another spot, then he will wake up later to find her back on top of him. She is relentless!

So what have I learned from the sheer tenacity of our adoptive family member?

1. Persistence is key

2. If you fail, stay calm, regroup, and try again… Don’t lose your head!

3. Rejection is not the end of the world, or even, the end of the road

4. People won’t give you what you want, you have to make it happen for yourself

5. You can catch more bees with honey… Or a sweet, sultry purr

Stay sassy,



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