You’ve probably come here because you want to know what this blog is about, and whether it’s going to be for you.

Well in a nutshell, I want more from my life. I’ve always had a fire burning deep down inside that I haven’t known what to do with, and has really only been utilised for ‘survival mode’ when times were tough.

I know I have the potential to do more and to help others, and create adventure and excitement. I hate that I have let other people in my past tell me otherwise, or listened to my own doubts, fears and insecurities.

Sound familiar?

I found that as I started to wander off the beaten path in search of the best version of myself and my potential, that I received a mixture of responses from those around me:

  1. They were excited for me but also worried,
  2. They told me it was ridiculous, unreasonable, unhealthy, unwise, or unrealistic
  3. They didn’t believe that I would work so hard for a dream that was still just a feeling, rather than something I could quantify, outline and identify the exact path for.

Unfortunately the last two groups make up the majority. It was discouraging, exhausting, and energy-sucking, but even though I am still struggling to succeed, something tells me that I shouldn’t give up.

I work to pay the bills, I volunteer at an animal shelter once a fortnight, and every single other waking minute I want to spend exploring the creative side that I always dismissed as “something to explore later when I had got my career and finances on track”.

Now I know that I’m probably not alone, and I hate the thought of someone else being in the same boat, but giving up. I wanted to be able to reach out to these people and show them that it’s hard for all of us, share the hardships and the triumphs, and show that it will all be worth it in the end.

I also know that most people wait until they’ve achieved this success before they share their story, building their audience first, and then writing a book about how they got there. Maybe I’m just impatient, or maybe it’s because I know that true success can take decades, but I just wanted to get on with it and connect and share!

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I hope you’re having the time of your life! If not, go out and do something about it!