You’ve probably come here because you want to know what this blog is about, and whether it’s going to be for you.

Well in a nutshell, I want more from my life. I’ve always had a fire burning deep down inside that I haven’t known what to do with, and has really only been utilised for ‘survival mode’ when times were tough.

I know I have the potential to do more and to help others, and create adventure and excitement. I hate that I have let other people in my past tell me otherwise, or listened to my own doubts, fears and insecurities. I was a metal girl who wanted the world to be sunshine and rainbows (with death screams in between), so let’s just say I’ve never really felt like I fit in.

Sound familiar?

After a couple years of soul searching, I realised that I was happiest spending my days practising yoga, creating costumes and wearable art, and making music. NONE of which I had spent much time on over the years, I had dismissed these activities as fun hobbies that I would “get back to” once I had better established my career.


This blog records my journey to turn this theoretical “ideal” day, my daily reality. From broke Science grad who put off dabbling in my interests to fully-fledged artist, and all the struggles in between.

And if it doesn’t sound like you… subscribe anyway!

I’m always keen to hear from everyone, ESPECIALLY if you know of any excellent resources or opportunities I might be interested in. You can send me a message by clicking here!

I hope you’re having the time of your life… If not, go out and do something about it!