Having Permission


I’ve seen a few motivational posts lately that contain something like “if you need permission, here it is”. It saddens me that so many people feel like they need it.

IT’S YOUR LIFE! If you’re not hurting anyone, then why do you need permission?

Two things:

  1. You may think it will hurt someone in your life, but are you really hurting them, or are you setting them free? Or hey, are you setting yourself free from living the life that they wanted for you rather than your own?
  2. Letting the people you care about know what you’re doing and where you are going to be focusing your energies is not the same as asking for permission. You should be able to share these things! If you feel like you have to keep it to yourself, ask yourself why.

What are you going to “give yourself permission”  to do (i.e. JUST DO) today?




Sass & Grind Saturday: Let Them Look

The thing about deciding to stand out from the crowd, is that you have to get used to people noticing you. Sounds obvious I know, but it’s easy to wonder whether you’ve got something smudged on your face, or whether you’re succeeding at being unique…

It can also be unnerving to notice people staring, but just keep doing you. If you’re standing out from the crowd and being true to yourself then go for it!

Stomp that catwalk that is your life! Let them look.


Sass & Grind Saturday: You Better Work


Are you wearing your life, or is it wearing you down?

You only get one life, go and get what you want, see what you want to see, and strut that catwalk of life.

So hit the pavement, hit the gym, hit the books, whatever it’s going to take to get there. You better work that life!



Sass & Grind Saturday: Of Course You Can


You CAN do it. You are capable of absolutely everything you heart and soul desires. We are all capable of amazing things, we just have to keep pushing goddamit!

You can have exactly what you want, but you have to start now. DON’T STOP until you get there.

Stay hungry,




Sass & Grind Saturday: You Deserve Success


Business man in suit ready for meeting

There’s a reason they say “fake it ’til you make it”. You may have been grinding your ass for months now, but if there’s a part of you that still doesn’t believe that you deserve the fruits of your efforts, trust me, the world can see it.

This is a problem because the only one who truly knows how hard you’ve worked, how much you’ve given up, is you. So if you don’t think you deserve it, why would anyone else?

Maybe you were told your idea was stupid, maybe you were told that you’d never amount to anything of value to the rest of the world, but it’s all noise, and it’s bullshit. So snap out of it.

If you’ve been busting your ass, continuously pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, tweaking the formula day in and day out, why would you not deserve success? Can you actually tell me why you don’t deserve success? Go on, write it out. Write down why you don’t deserve it, and read it back to yourself. Does that make logical sense to you? Probably not.

So go on and hold your head high, wear that crown, and strut through your day like you’re a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. You are the Queen of your world, or at least you’re about to be, and you’ve EARNED IT.


Then get back to work 😉

Have a fantastic day!