Tend to Your Life Like It’s Your Business

because it is…

If you’d invested hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours time in your business, would you decide to just abandon it one day? Or would you fight tooth and nail to make it work?

Would you leave it up to just any random stranger to make sure the ship is moving in the right direction, and just assume they know which direction that is? Unlikely…

The seeds you sew, and the plants that spring forth from them, are the result of a little research, the right combination of conditions, and a little love. Without continued attention, and adjustment to conditions where needed they can wilt and die.

Why would you abandon the rest of your life and leave it for everyone else to decide what should be done about your sad looking herb garden? Do you think someone else cares as much about the size of your tomatoes as you do?

This doesn’t mean you need to be physically doing everything… but you should probably know what’s going on, who’s doing it, why they’re doing it, what your alternatives are, and if you’re really happy with that course of action, or if you’re just going along with it.

Food (or rather lemonade) for thought.



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Good Days and Bad Days


Sitting down for my minimum 30 minute songwriting slot this morning, I realised with a little prompt from a random word generator for inspiration that the songs were flowing out of me. Yesterday was quite a different story, only getting out a couple lines that I liked, and not finding the rest of the lyrics for the songs that I knew were rolling around inside me somewhere.

We all have both good and bad days (some have more good or bad days than others), and of course a large part of this is perception, but also a large part of what we consider a good or bad day comes down to confidence in what we’re doing.┬áConfidence in turn can be increased by getting better at what you happen to spend your time on.

I know that by writing every day, I’ll get better at it, and will find new tricks and prompts along the way that work for me, and it’s the same for the playing the guitar and clothing design. I can’t go back and “re-invest” lost time on what I’m now interested in, but I can make the most of now!

What are you working on increasing your confidence in?



Motivational Maths


If you’re not living your dream, there’s a chance that at some point you’ve thought that if only there were more hours in the day, you’d still have plenty of time to spend on what you love after you get home from your day job.

Out of interest a did a little maths this morning…

If you spend:

  • 8 hours sleeping, and
  • 8 hours working to pay your bills

You still have 8 hours leftover to spend working on your dreams…

Interesting isn’t it?

So what have you been spending this time doing? Eating? Watching TV? Perhaps even travelling to work if you live quite a distance away?

What of these things could you do without, or reconfigure to maximize your free time to spend on your dreams?

Could you learn more about your craft with books or podcasts while you travel? Could you better plan your meals so that minimal time, effort and thought power is wasted here? What can you cook over a week that takes 15 minutes or less? Does it really have to be a fully cooked meal with all the trimmings?

Everyone is different, it’s up to you to determine what can stay, and what should absolutely go!



But how tired are you really though?


One of the most common excuses I hear (and have personally made), is that someone was too tired to do something that day… but how tired really though?

Most of us would find that if there was a fire under our bed, we’d find the energy to get up…

How many times have you dug deep and got it done, then thought, oh I actually feel better for doing it and it’s woken me up?


Sometimes we do actually need the sleep… what I’m suggesting is that you really listen to your body, and learn to tell the difference between health and just plain old excuses!



Email Subscriptions – Yay or Nay?


I don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve accumulated some serious regular email spam. With some regular emails, it had become a reflex to just click delete without even reading them, but it wasn’t until recently that I realised just how much time I spend doing this in total throughout the day. It might be one click, but it’s over, and over and over again, and I seriously have better things to do with my time!

So instead of hitting delete from now on, I’m just going to open those puppies up, scroll directly to the bottom of the message and hit ‘unsubscribe’ to end this madness once and for all!

I’ve been doing this as these messages have come through, so I’m slowly gaining some of my time back, and it is SO… SATISFYING!!

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of good content out there worth subscribing to, for example, some fairly decent blog sites… (hint, hint, hint, hint!), but I seriously suggest evaluating which ones you really need the next time you hit your mailbox! If you head for the delete button before even bothering to read it… why not go that one step further and save your future self the drudgery!



Are you being honest with yourself?

Ever thought you wanted to do something or be something, and then when you got there, you realise you’d rather be anywhere else?

Maybe you’re just scared of the unknown, maybe it’s not what you thought it would be… BUT is it also possible that you didn’t actually want that manager’s job or that cute little country house?

Is there a part of you that actually didn’t want the job, but you took the promotion because you didn’t know what else you’d do? Or maybe your partner actually wanted that house in the country, but really you’d rather spend your spare time shopping and eating out instead of spending every weekend in the garden?

Be honest with yourself, because only you know what you really want deep down! You only get one life, you might as well love it!



Prioritizing Dreams and Blogging


Hello friends!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting… but then, I doubt your daily life revolves around my posts, so probably not ­čśë

Over the holidays, I stumbled across a video with a few tips by Tim Ferris… then I sought out a few more… and eventually ended up buying his audiobook The 4 Hour Work Week.

Now I had actually heard of this book before, but in all honestly scoffed at the idea that many people could get away with working only 4 hours a week unless they had racked up some serious passive income streams. Basically, I thought that it would never work for me (I hang my head in shame at this now).

Coming back to where I stopped posting…

There were many good (and FRESH) points to take from these resources, and the one which stopped me in my tracks with this blog, was a tip around prioritising when you have many tasks to do that day. He said if you have 10 things to do on a particular day, evaluate them and see if you can find one or more that will either make doing this task faster later on, or will actually in fact make this task redundant…

I write this blog because I hope to prod people along into achieving their goals also. It was my hope that if I could pull the curtain on what it takes to achieve your wildest dreams (because they actually DO NOT happen overnight), that I could show people that yes it’s hard work but it’s hard for everyone, and it’s soo worth it.

Now couldn’t I also do this by spending my writing time on achieving my goals, creating financial and personal freedom for myself and then spend some of my newfound time on doing exactly this? It stopped me in my tracks, I had to re-evaluate, and re-calibrate.

I had almost decided that I would have to move on and use the time I would have spent blogging, on chasing my dreams, BUT I kept getting notifications of new likes and followers and honestly I just couldn’t do it. SO, here’s my compromise to myself… I will ‘batch’ write my blog posts all at once in the weekends, and schedule them so that I am still putting out fresh content just about every day (if not actually every day!). This will help save overall total writing time, and keep my limited free hours during the week for daily dream chasing! I will be a bit more flexible with the content I put out however… I am ditching the designated daily topics and freestyling it!

Hopefully this will not only help me keep up interest when writing a week’s worth of blog posts at once, but will help keep things from becoming boring for YOU, my reader! Obviously I want to create content that stokes that fire inside you and makes you want to keep on chasing your own dreams… otherwise the whole purpose of this blog is redundant…

I’m so glad to be back and with a clearer focus!

Much love…