Try Tuesday: Learning French

I’ve always thought French was a beautiful language, and that one day I’d just have to learn it (along with a few others like Russian!). I also love a good selection of foreign films, many of these being in French, so I thought this would be a good language to start learning.

Being a modern world, I figured I’d start with an app. The one that immediately came to mind (because they have clearly spent their marketing dollars, and their ads are everywhere), was Babbel.

This seems like a really good app from my initial set up and run through.  Then I got to the screen which asked me which subscription I would like to sign up for, and realised I wasn’t quite ready for yet another regular commitment to justify the regular outgoings, and naturally, looked for other apps. 

I eventually settled on Busuu. It has lessons based around certain types of interactions and conversations, which helps things feel natural, which I like. I also really like that you can connect with native speakers of whatever language you are learning, and ask people to correct you on your exercises. Useful right?! 

Anybody know of any other language apps or other resources that could be useful? I’m a keen bean!

Stay curious,


Try Tuesday: A Faux Mohawk!

I have a 70’s themed Christmas party to attend tonight (although it’s technically a Studio 54 theme,  but hey rules are made to be broken… especially in the 70’s punk scene!).

Anywho, I thought I’d give a faux mohawk a go! I teased and sprayed it liberally with lacquer, and here are the results…

It’s a little more wavy than I was aiming for but honestly I quite liked it a little different than the usual! I also think my ashy regrowth worked quite well with it too because it looked like I had intentionally only bleached the hawk 😉 win!

Party time!



Try Tuesday: Balsamic, Maple & Garlic Tempeh


OK so this may be a pretty unexciting ‘try’ for most, but hey I like to eat, and therefore try new recipes and foods! After a jam-packed day to get work cleared before the end of the year, it was about as creative as I had time for!

I got the recipe from Angela Liddon’s “The Oh She Glows Cookbook”, and it really was about as simple as it comes! I threw the super-quick marinade over the tempeh and put it in the fridge last night, then threw it straight into the oven when I got home.

While it might look fairly unexciting in its casserole dish, it tasted absolutely delicious… sweet, smoky, and tangy all at once. What I can’t show you is what it SMELLED like! It smelled exactly like fresh garlic bread, have mercy…

So a successful try I would say (except the couscous that I ate it with, drizzled with herb-infused flaxseed oil… epic fail on that front).

I hope you’re having a productive day!