22nd Feb 2018: 10X Growth Conference (Day 1)


Dear Diary,

It’s official, it was 100% worth all the work to get here. I learnt A LOT today, from several speakers, and met a bunch of people.

It’s soo nice to meet people who just ‘get it’.

They get why I want more, they understand the hunger, why it doesn’t make sense to anyone else, and I don’t have to explain it. They just just know. THANK GOD.

I came away with a bunch of notes with to-do lists scribbled into the margins for after the conference! Although some are easier than others since I was writing in the dark, but hey, all the more reason to get started on actioning them while they’re fresh and I can figure out what I was writing…

At the end of the day, there was a performance by the one and only Flo Rida, but I just couldn’t sit around and listen to music, I’ve done enough of that already… I had a to-do list to tackle! I’ve managed to chip away at a few things, and after writing this entry, I am going to tackle a couple more before doing some yoga and meditation, and getting some decent rest before another epic day.

Stay crazy,




20th Feb 2018: Mother Nature is an Artist

Dear Diary,

Today I spent the day on a bus tour to the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s natural wonders!

I knew it would be good. I’d been told by several people who had seen it previously.

Imagine my surprise when mother nature decided to also decorate it with snow! It was truly MAGICAL.

On top of that, we had an awesome bus driver who took us to a few extra delightful photo spots.

The desert beauty is quite different to home, but I love it. Beautiful and harsh at the same time.

We went to the western AND southern rim of the canyon, Lake Mead, right across Hoover dam to get a good look, etc.

The jet lag was still lingering though, and I found myself dozing between each stop.

Stay gorgeous,


19th Feb 2018: Viva Las Vegas!

Dear Diary,

Technically I got to do February 19th twice since I left New Zealand at 6am on the 19th, and landed in LA at 5.30am on the 19th. How cool is that?!

3 flights, and 27 hours later I landed in Las Vegas! Needless to say I was pretty tired, and completely under prepared for the cold winter air. We’ve been having 30 degree days at home (Celsius, which I believe is around 86 Fahrenheit).

I checked the forecast before I left and it estimated around 20-25 deg. C. But the weather report this morning said that if it hadn’t been for the wind last night, it would have been below freezing, which hasn’t happened in these parts since 2016…

I was out walking through that wind for miles with a full day pack (since it was too early to check-in and offload my things). I covered as much ground as my tired body would let me, and then some.

Not super ideal for my body since I have diagnosed myself with adrenal fatigue, and I have no doubt it was a consistent stream of various hormones keeping me going… I’ve only got a couple extra days to be a tourist, and check out the culture for myself so hey, I can heal later.

The sights were amazing, my hotel is amazing, the people have been really sweet… My current electric violet hair colour has definitely not gone unnoticed…

Tomorrow I get to rest up and enjoy a bus trip to the Grand Canyon! Very excited!

Time for a hot bath and some dinner.

Stay amazing and free,


16th Feb 2018: Hello Anxiety


Dear Diary,

It gradually rolled over me yesterday, like the darkness at dusk. My partner asked if it was all the pressure from going back to working and studying at the same time, but honestly I don’t feel much pressure from all that (yet), classes have only just started and we’re still just being introduced to concepts. Even if I did feel the pressure, I’ve always been a grinder… I can keep cranking until I drop to the floor when I’m levelheaded, but when the darkness creeps in, it’s like moving through treacle. I still do it, but it takes 10x the energy.

Really the issue was a bit of a combination of lone wolf syndrome, and a bit of travel anxiety about my upcoming trip.

The first is largely about how I’ve always felt different, and like I didn’t quite fit in. In the last few years I’ve started to see this as a blessing, and loved being different. I even built a bit of an armour around myself so that people’s negative comments about it just bounced off, which could at times make me seem a little stand-offish, but I was just protecting my own personal energy. I think I have been having such a great time lately, and around great people, and I let my guard all the way down, letting some of the taint in…

The latter is because I always worry that I am going to forget something when I go travelling! And since this will be my first long haul, I keep trying to think of whatever I might have missed! I’m also not great with turbulence so I’m trying not to think about the fact that there’s a cyclone headed our way…

Anywho, life goes on. I know I’m being irrational when it hits, so as usual I withdrew and kept to myself until I finished work, had a mini meltdown when I got home and let the yuck out, and pulled myself together in time for my guitar lesson.

Anxiety is a bitch, but I wholeheartedly believe everything I’m doing is worth fighting for, and worth slugging up the hill until it flattens out into a plateau again. I’m also incredibly grateful for the people in my life who get it, and don’t add to the pile of yuck by making me feel even less adequate for being down about irrational things, when I’m already on the floor.

Stay grateful x




14th Feb 2018: Valentine’s Day


Dear Diary,

It would seem fitting that this entry would come today, and maybe it’s just the vibes all around… but I have fallen in love…

With CAD software..

I had my very first fashion industry software class today which was a completely fresh introduction for me, and my-oh-my you dark little horse CAD.

The ideas for what I can create, now that I’m learning how to do it, are ENDLESS.

If you find yourself feeling a little left out without a Valentine this year, try falling in love with your dreams and your potential ♥

Stay saucy,



13th Feb 2018: The Slog


Dear Diary,

Even though I am only on my second day of fashion school, I already want more.

I hate that I need to work to pay my bills, instead of spend every waking moment being creative… all the more reason to work hard and be successful, and be able to do exactly that. Fuel for the fire.

Today there was a tinge of sadness that I will miss classes while I’m away next week. Although I know I can catch up on anything I NEEDED to know, there are always so many little tricks of the trade that you pick up in the classroom! I know that 10X Growth Con will be a gamechanger for me though, in mindset, in the connections made with other attendees, and in the learnings I take from the speakers who have done so much more than me already!

Stay hungry,




12th Feb 2018: Day 1 of Fashion School


Dear Diary,

I know that the practical step would have been to wait until the next school intake, when I had had more time to prepare for classes, and continue to work on my skills until then. But something in my GUT told me that this was the right path, and that the timing would never be perfect.

I also had the sneaking suspicion that if I had decided to wait 6 months to a year for the next intake, that I would regret the lost time. After all, I’ve waited YEARS to give this a go, why wait any longer? Sure it was going to be hard work, but I’ve never been scared of that, and it was always going to be hard.

Except it wasn’t that hard. It was INCREDIBLY interesting! The time flew by, and I think any nerves that my boss might have had about me not being constantly in the office seemed to dissipate as it became obvious that people didn’t even notice I wasn’t at my desk for a large chunk of what would be considered “normal” working hours (although there were plenty of other crazies working late to catch up on things so it would seem I’m not the only super busy person!).

I’m VERY excited about my first pattern making class today… BRING IT ON!

Stay electric,