Quitting School

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Dear Diary,

They say that when you’re outside of your comfort zone, that’s when you grow. This morning I realised that sometimes my comfort zone is in finishing something, even if I don’t think it’s working, just in case it does.

Yesterday I went into school thinking I should finish the last 2 months of classes, because although I had doubts about whether the remainder of the content was going to benefit me, I optimistically thought to myself that there would probably be a couple extra things I would pick up and take with me into future ventures, so I should give it a shot. Then something happened in the middle of my first class for the day.

As I sat there I realised that I was staying because I thought it ‘was the right thing to do’. Right for who? I don’t need the certificate at the end, and I have a million creative ideas building up inside of me that I could be learning about and experimenting with, that are more related to the (less mainstream) path of fashion and design that I gravitate towards.

Staying until the end was the ‘comfortable’ thing to do. I was staying to tick a box that society had given me, when I had already ticked my own (to learn as much as I could about fashion design and construction), as we had covered all of these things in the course already.

In the past I’ve had an awful habit of staying in bad situations, or situations that were a complete waste of my time, just because I wasn’t 100% sure that leaving was the right choice. It is a habit I know I need to break. There is NEVER ANY WAY OF KNOWING what the right choice is! I need to start listening to my intuition, and trusting my gut, and dealing with the fact that sometimes, I may just be wrong.

I realised that I needed to pull the plug and get moving to the next chapter of my creative journey ASAP, starting with digging out all of my half-finished projects in my workroom at home, and working up to a very exciting workshop with an established local couture designer in about a months time!! Soo freaking excited! More on that later 😉

Stay electric!




Day 83: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


I worked all day yesterday, not getting home until 9 pm, so the Sunday grind is alive and well! A bit disappointing that I didn’t get much creative time in this weekend, but I’ll just have to use that disappointment to fuel my fire to get myself into a better financial position and not have to work so much! (or get better at my creative side so that that can be my work?

Dreams are free, and there’s a lot more hustle to do to make that even a possibility!) I have a LOT so much to learn and so much time to make up there, so I’ll just have to keep pushing for a while longer.

Have a beautiful and productive day today!





Day 67: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

Leading on from my epiphany the day before, my self-development and overall learning has started to naturally broaden, and I am starting to focus less on things specifically tied to my career development or future goals. 

I have have decided to let my learning happen more organically, rather than forcing myself to learn about everything down a particular path, when perhaps the path I’d be most happy runs somewhere off to the side. The kind of path which is rarely used, and found only by feeling around for the rocks that used to show the way.

Queue entry of my sewing back into my life… 

Although most of the people that will remember this aren’t really around anymore, I used to sew A LOT of my clothes in high school.

I’ve never actually known how to sew or construct clothes properly, so it was probably lucky that my style back then was some sort of fusion between bubblegum goth and punk rock! In actual fact, it was the very reason I did it. I didn’t want to wear the clothes in the shops, I wanted something different.

To a certain extent I am still this way. Unless im grinding away at home,  I like wearing nice, chic, clothes and shoes, but I still like to have that alternative edge. It’s not often I find something that ticks both of these boxes. 

So what the hell, out somes the sewing machine… All in. Day 67 also brought the addition of a few new sewing supplies including a dressmaking mannequin, which is already more than I used to manage with! And now that we can actually just type any problem we have into the nearest laptop or smartphone and get a range of solutions or ideas back, well… There’s no excuses not to be able to wear exactly what I want now is there?! 

I hope you’re having a motivating, invigorating, crazy, fantastic, successful day today!