Operation Dreamspace: Update #2



No clear wins on the music front, have decided to get back to some songwriting also in the next week, and even start (very crudely) recording some of these, in order to play them back, listen objectively, and generally flex these muscles!


I found myself with some free scribble time this weekend, and was inspired to try a bit of a mash up with some ideas people had given me to throw in my ‘ideas jar’ (will write about this at some stage!). Anyway I ended up scribbling some crude ideas for Bioshock: The Ballet, LOL! I didn’t even have a rubber on me, so any mistakes I just had to roll with… with mixed results, but it was a fun wee exercise!

I actually don’t know much about the Bioshock videogame series, so I spent a fair bit of this time trying to research the storyline and characters to get a feel for the concepts that should be considered and included. It didn’t leave me too much time to actually draw but feel free to laugh along with me with a couple of my concepts below!:



If you aren’t a gamer, and would like some background on what Bioshock is all about, I’ll try and break it down in a way that (might) not offend the dedicated Bioshock fans… A plane crashes in the ocean, and a passenger by the name of Jack manages survive, finding himself in the underwater city of Rapture. The discovery that a substance called ADAM can modify DNA and help people gain superhuman abilities had led to all sorts of mischief (as you can expect), and Jack ends up taking on all sorts of evil, with many little story lines and twists weaving in between. If you’re interested in the game, you can check it out here!

For my digital design time, I didn’t end up creating much that was new, but instead spent a bit of time tweaking current designs after a new round of samples appeared at my door and I decided I liked the style better, and had to change all my designs to adapt! I’m soo happy with my leggings, my GOD they’re so soft and comfortable! I can hardly believe this brand is all mine! All new versions are going to be released by the end of the night, with a bit of a celebratory sale! so feel free to take full advantage 😉 Check them out at www.grimponie.com


This week’s pose to work on (read: move towards achieving) was my middle split.

Image retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/stevendepolo/27004404673 (I could only WISH to claim this as my attempt!)

My flexibility has frankly been atrocious my entire life, and the flexibility I have gained so far may seem like what any normal person should have but trust me… I had to work for it…

FANTASTICALLY, noticed some change in my flexibility! It seems like some weeks .there’s a whole lot of streching, but no acknowledgable progress, and then one day, BAM, progress! I never used to be able to straighten my legs while in “happy baby”, or touch the ground when stretching one leg at a time out sideways, but both were achieved this week!

Although I feel like the time of day also helped, because it was a Sunday and I had been running around doing life admin beforehand, warming my muscles up more than what they would usually get before a practice session, but hey, I’ll take it.

Is there anything more better than feeling a muscle you’ve been working on stretching out for WEEKS, finally give up and allow you to find surrender in a yoga pose? It’s just soo delicious!

Anyway, I digress (as usual). No middle split yet achieved, but it is still a work on progress. This next week, my pose to focus on will be Pigeon Pose! Let’d do it 🙂

I hope you’ve made some progress towards your dream this week!? I’d love to hear about it! What do you dream about? How are you going to get it?





Operation Dreamspace: Update #1


This is probably going to be a very long operation… better get cracking then!

Honestly most of the work is going to be in getting somewhat good at the things I want to actually DO in my Dreamspace studio for yoga, design and music! And of course consistency is key when it comes to getting better at something, so I have committed to at LEAST the following daily (as a minimum!)


  1. 15 minutes guitar practice,
  2. 15 minutes bass practice,
  3. 30 minutes vocals or show rehearsal while I’m getting ready for this


  1. Sketch out at least one concept wearable art design,
  2. Create one new digital design for Grim Ponie (even if I end up hating it), or learn one new digital design trick


  1. Practice daily to increase flexibility
  2. Each week will pick a new pose to tackle ,or circle back to a pose I’ve struggled with, and will spend a good chunk of each daily practice to focus on alignment of, or preparation for this pose

Honestly I find I manage to squeeze in more than the minimum most days, but achieving the minimum is great for confidence, especially when it’s been a busy day at the day job to pay the bills in the meantime!

I’d love to hear of any ideas that helped you master your own craft quickly?!

Share the knowledge!



What’s on your bucket list?

I feel like this is a really powerful question to ask yourself.

What task would you have to achieve, hill you would have to climb, etc. Before you could be completely satisfied and ready to kick that bucket for good?

A friend asked this recently, and it got me thinking… As a quick answer, I rattled off:

1. Showing at the World of Wearable Arts Festival

2. Hold my own dream fashion show

3. Visit every country

4. Cuddle a sloth

5. Learn from some of the top yogi’s in India

6. Meditate with monks

7. Start a foundation which empowers the unempowered

I’m 100% sure there are other things to add to this list, and that I’d never actually be satisfied anyway hahaha, but it’s a good thought exercise.

What is on your bucket list?

Stay curious


Day 86: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


I had hoped to be in better physical shape by now, especially with summer looming here in NZ, and my trip to Las Vegas to attend 10X Growth Con in February! So here comes the extra cardio… but where to squeeze it in?

Last night I managed to squeeze it in by watching a movie with my partner, largely from my spin bike, and the rest while doing a couple of last minute bits before bed.

Gotta make it work!

I hope you’re having a fantastic and productive day today!


Day 56: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


In writing my Day 55 update blog, I re-watched a vlog I’d done a few months ago, and was really encouraged to know that I have indeed been working in the things I said I would work on, and that I am now further along in moving towards the things that I said I wanted, without remembering what exactly I said in the video.

It was kind of like looking back at body measurements when you’ve been busting ass to loose weight for a long time, but instead of losing body fat, I shed mental fat, and gained a better understanding of myself in the process!

I highly recommend doing your own video! Even if you just keep it for yourself to look back on, to see if you have stuck to your goals, or if not what goals changed and why. I learned a lot from looking back a short video!

Smash those goals today,






Day 34: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Sunday held a bit of time out, and a bit more planning and prep for the big day!

I have started noticing a welcome change in my body… Here’s where the consistency will pay up. In the past whenever I’ve started to see results, I’ve fallen off the wagon. Not this time Laveena, not this time.. bring on the summer bod!

Other than that, not much to report, other than being a bundle of nerves…

I hope you’re smashing your goals!



Day 28: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

For months now, I’ve been saying that as soon as it starts to warm up that I’ll cycle to work (around a 20km round trip) on the days where I don’t have to work at my night job later on… And well… Its now warmer…

So yesterday was the first ride in for the summer, and as expected it was a little hard going and slower than I was, once upon a time when I cycled everywhere!

It was a nice way to start the day though, I had forgotten how refreshing it is to start work fresh out of the shower after a cycle ride through the city! An added bonus on top of the fitness, and speeding up my journey to my “summer bod” (I am definitely aiming to keep it longer than summer!).

The ride home was not so nice… I was tender from the ride in, and was riding directly against the wind. Brutal. There were a couple points were I found myself questioning my life decisions (and on a side note, I personally think if you don’t ever do this you’re not pushing yourself hard enough hahaha).

At one point, I was soo sore and knackered, that when a car got caught behind me at a narrow part of a road and had to wait, I found myself laughing a little like a mad woman. I literally could not pedal faster, I was feeling as tender as it comes from sitting on a bike seat for the first time in months, and I just had to laugh at myself.

A win for commitment yesterday!