Lessons from a Determined Kitty

Meet our furriest family member, Olive. On these cold winter nights she loves nothing more than to curl up in bed with us… Or rather directly on top or between us!

Problem is, my partner finds it uncomfortable to sleep under the weight of said kitty (she’s not huge but not small either). I don’t mind a snuggle bug nestled into the groove of my waist (I am also a cuddle bug), but I am also a deep sleeper and move around a lot.

If she rolls off when one of us moves, she takes it all in her stride and goes back to sleep where she lands… And then we wake up again later to find a kitty curled back up on top of, or between us, and how can you stay mad at this face?!

If she gets MOVED off because she has decided to pick my partner to sleep on, she will calmly find another spot, then he will wake up later to find her back on top of him. She is relentless!

So what have I learned from the sheer tenacity of our adoptive family member?

1. Persistence is key

2. If you fail, stay calm, regroup, and try again… Don’t lose your head!

3. Rejection is not the end of the world, or even, the end of the road

4. People won’t give you what you want, you have to make it happen for yourself

5. You can catch more bees with honey… Or a sweet, sultry purr

Stay sassy,


Bullies and Compassion

We’ve all heard it. Bully behaviour often comes from a place of hurt or insecurity… We should respond to these people with compassion and love, not with anger… But holy hell it’s hard sometimes isn’t it?!!!

Who feels like giving someone a hug, when they’re looking down on you, telling you you’re not good enough, or mocking everything you hold dear?

Bullies can make me soo angry sometimes! I guess this probably comes from a place of feeling like I didn’t fit in, and was bullied for a good portion of my childhood. Child bullies I understand, adult bullies I struggle with more… They should know better. I feel my back start to prickle, and a hypothetical low rumble in the back of my throat. Then I get annoyed at myself for letting someone else have power over my emotions… It’s a vicious circle.

As an aspiring yogi, compassion for everyone at all times is something I am trying to show, but every now and then one of these people remind me that I have a long way to go. I am reminded that I am human, but I will keep striving to do better.

Great big virtual hugs to you all!


Freestyle Friday: What Would You Tell a 10 Year Old You?


This might seem like I’m dwelling on the past, but I am of the opinion that it is never too late. Your inner child is still in there. If it needs healing, why not tell it what you would have liked or needed to hear all those years ago? Who knows, it might just be what you needed to hear now as well…

To get you thinking, here are the top 10 things that I would tell a 10 year old Laveena:

  1. Actions speak louder than words, trust your gut
  2. Speak up, your opinion matters as much as anyone else’s
  3. Love yourself completely and unapologetically
  4. Do what makes your heart sing, because you only get one shot at this life
  5. You have immeasurable value to contribute to the world, don’t let anybody tell you what you’re worth, or what you’re capable of
  6. It’s OK to say no… to EVERYONE. You do not have to accept bad behaviour from people just because they are related to you
  7. Laugh as often as you can, especially at yourself
  8. Try everything, even if it’s scary
  9. Treat every obstacle as an opportunity to learn something new, and to see what you’re made of
  10. Heavy metal will change your life

So what would you tell yourself?




Finding my Mentor


Since I graduated from University, I’ve been a little lost. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do with my life (save the planet, make music, cuddle animals all day, make the world a better place for everyone and everything… you know, the usual), but I felt like I had to pick a path and focus my energy in a particular area.

I felt that if I wanted to be taken seriously and be hired into the corporate environment that I would have to conform to that mould, and after finally figuring out who I was, I wasn’t too keen to be put on the “corporate image leash”. On the other hand, I felt that if I chose the creative and humanitarian route, I would never be able to support myself financially, and I would miss the technical challenges that would have come from pursuing my environmental career.

I was in a constant state of hesitation, and I ended up “going where the wind took me, as long as it was vaguely related to what I wanted”. While this hasn’t been a terrible misstep, and I have learned a lot along the way, I have indeed missed the technical challenges as predicted, and have found that after I have “earned my bread” I have less time than I would like to pursue creative and humanitarian endeavors.

I tried to talk to those around me, but found that their “advice” was heavily laced with their own fears and insecurities about what could go wrong. I needed to talk to someone who was out there chasing their dreams off the beaten path, crushing it, and would give me their true unbiased opinion. I needed to “reach up” as Grant Cardone would say.

You can’t reach your full potential by holding on to where you are – Grant Cardone

Yesterday I reached out to someone that fit this bill, I’ll call her S. I’ve always admired her for creativity, the way she has worked tirelessly to build her brand, and the way she has carried herself and pushed forward despite criticism, nasty tactics, and trying personal times.

In a surprisingly short conversation, the things I wanted, and what I needed to do, became as clear as day. As is often the case, deep down, I had always known what I need to do, I just needed someone to ask the right questions, and get me to say it out loud. It seems ridiculous to type it out, but it’s true, and I now have a plan of action. Today I walked into work with an almost fanatical smile on my face, a renewed spring in my step, and the weight of the world off my shoulders. Now the real work begins… taking action.

Finding the right mentor for you

Interested in finding your own mentor? Here’s a few tips:

  1. Decide what you want from them – do you want to learn the tricks of the trade from one of the best in your industry? Or do you just want to be able to bounce ideas of someone who has similar values, and can hold you accountable?
  2. Research potential mentors to make sure they match up with what you’ve decided you are looking for
  3. Ask them! But be honest with what you are looking for, and respect their right to say no.
  4. Establish some expectations to avoid any frustrations and disappointments (e.g. would they prefer you email any questions through so they can respond where they can?  Or would they prefer a phone call? How regularly would you like to meet with them?)
  5. Be flexible and respectful of their time – show up on time, let them know if you can’t make it to a scheduled meeting (with more than 5 minutes notice!), and be respectful of their advice and opinions (you don’t have to agree with their opinion to be respectful)

Have a fantastic day guys! Go out and crush it!



Growth Spurt #2: Deep Work

Deep Work.jpgImage from Amazon.co.uk

Review of the Week: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport (on Audiobook)

Another audiobook this week! It was not narrated by the author, which was disappointing, but luckily the narrator (Jeff Bottoms), was easy enough to listen to, and kept me engaged… moving on…

Deep Work: Rules for Success in a Distracted World, focuses on the benefits of focusing solely on the task at hand. This will seem obvious to most of you, but it was more than that, they looked right into the research behind it. Brain function, studies of various lengths and modes of deep work, and how deep work can be worked into daily life. I don’t know about you, but I like to see a decent amount of research to back up a theory and push back against my skepticism and I was encouraged by what I heard!

These days we are constantly “plugged in”, we’re contactable at all times, with demands for our time and attention. Facebook wants you to wish someone a happy birthday, twitter wants you to check out a tweet that is trending, you boss wants an update on your work… the list goes on. The book discusses how these distractions deplete our mental capacity over the course of a day, and sap us of our ability to give our best effort in our work, even after the distractions are removed.

Now, not all of us can afford to withdraw from society and its distractions for months at a time, and emerge with the next heart-moving . Fortunately, the author has provided several options that (I think) can be adopted, depending on what will work best for you, what time you may have free, and how much your career and goals will benefit from deep work.

My final rating: 9/10!

Check out the full review on youtube.


Interesting Blog of the Week

Saeedmirfattah.com really struck a chord with me this week.

“Companies have strategic plans, why not you?”

I could NOT agree more! If you don’t know the underlying purpose to everything you do (in other words, your mission statement), and you don’t have a plan of attack outlined, how exactly do you expect to achieve it?!

Personally, I have my own mission statement which underlies my goals and my daily movements, and I remind myself of this statement on a daily basis when I write down my goals and visualise my achievements. I see this as my own brand, business, and my driver.

Have a look!


Quote of the Week

“At the centre of your being, you have the answer: you know who you are and what you want” – Lao Tzu

Have a fantastic week this wee! Crush it,