The Price of Personal Growth

I came across this image posted in a Facebook group and it resonated soo loudly I just had to share it!

The more I allow myself to follow my dreams, and really listen to what makes my heart sing, the more sensitive I feel to everything else.

I guess its hard to be sensitive to one thing (you), and try feel your way through your jouney, without feeling the potholes in the road!

It also makes me realise how hardened I had become towards the world around me before I decided to allow myself to find my happy. How many reinforced walls I had put up.

Nevertheless the extra pain is worth it to find my happy. After years of pain I know I am strong enough to handle it. It never hurts any less than the first time, I just know I will get past it. Plus… Happiness is the best painkiller 🖤


Are you being honest with yourself?

Ever thought you wanted to do something or be something, and then when you got there, you realise you’d rather be anywhere else?

Maybe you’re just scared of the unknown, maybe it’s not what you thought it would be… BUT is it also possible that you didn’t actually want that manager’s job or that cute little country house?

Is there a part of you that actually didn’t want the job, but you took the promotion because you didn’t know what else you’d do? Or maybe your partner actually wanted that house in the country, but really you’d rather spend your spare time shopping and eating out instead of spending every weekend in the garden?

Be honest with yourself, because only you know what you really want deep down! You only get one life, you might as well love it!



Sass & Grind Saturday: You Better Work


Are you wearing your life, or is it wearing you down?

You only get one life, go and get what you want, see what you want to see, and strut that catwalk of life.

So hit the pavement, hit the gym, hit the books, whatever it’s going to take to get there. You better work that life!



Freestyle Friday: What Kind of Story Would You Be?


If you browse any bookshop, you’ll find the books broken up by categories. Where would your story be displayed? Romance? Action? Poetry?

Would it even be displayed at all? Or would you rather it be tucked away somewhere the back where people can’t make passing judgements on your cover?

Does it make you uncomfortable to think about it? If the answer is yes, then your probably not writing your true story. It’s not coming from your heart.

The good news is, that you can change your own story at any time! You may not have had any control over where it started, but you can choose where you want to go next.

Don’t be a reader in your own story. Take control. Be the Storyteller.




Soul Sunday: Laughter


It’s 11pm, I just got home from work, but I still have an hour to post this on Sunday so I’m gonna have at it.

This week I am most grateful for laughter.

It’s been a crazy week, and it also happens to be the third week straight working, so I’ve been on the verge of crazy for all of it. Laughter is a huge part of what gets me through weeks like these. Not just humorous giggles, I’m talking great big surprising laughs that sneak up on you, the ones that leave you breathless… that’s the good stuff!

What are you grateful for as you wind up the week and gear up for another?

Stay crazy,



Day 73: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

Placeholder Image

This Friday is a public holiday, which means Thursday (Day 73) was pretty busy trying to do two days worth of work! I am soo looking forward to having a whole other free day to practice guitar, and try a million other creative ideas that have been building up in my head over the week!

Here’s to chasing my creative goals!



Day 72: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


I’ve always felt like I needed to split any of my spare time between further educating myself for the science career that I studied for, and exploring my creative side. When I was younger, I created a lot of my clothes from scratch, or turned second-hand clothes into something new. I was also learning music, lost myself in hundreds of books, and I loved to sing (on my own! haha). I felt like I had to pick a path for my future, and after struggling with it for years, eventually decided that science was what I was going to go for, but the struggle continued.

Every time I find myself with a spare few minutes, it has been an internal struggle, so after sleeping on it, and since I’ve spent the last few years studying and trying to work in the sciences, I woke up on Day 71 happy with my decision to spend a year giving my creative side free reign. I’m soo excited! This will also the weight out of my decisions when I’m working on my goals, because I know now that I will be focusing on the creative ones, and coming back to the others later.

I’m excited to look back on this post in a year’s time and see where I got to!

I hope your smashing your goals!