Day 8: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

Photo by Cassidy Kelley on Unsplash

Yesterday, my feelings of being anxious and overwhelmed kicked up a notch. I knew that it was a pointless waste of energy, and I needed to get my head back in the game, but it was like I was like I was doing everything in a sea of molasses.

By the time I got to my singing lesson yesterday night I felt like I was moving towards a panic attack, but pushed through the lesson, and went straight to bed when I got home.

It wasn’t that I was doing more than I usually do (because other than the gratitude journal it was pretty much business as usual), but I couldn’t shake the feeling that although I had been working hard to hit my goals daily, that it wasn’t enough.

Am I putting extra pressure on myself because of the challenge? or is it something else? Either way, I will figure it out!

I hope you’re smashing your goals today!



Day 7: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


If you follow my youtube channel, then you may already know that yesterday was a “head down and push through it” kind of day.

It probably didn’t help that I had a little bit of a late night, was pretty tired when I woke up, but got up and pushed through anyway. I’m glad I did, because by the time I got home from work, I was still tired, overwhelmed by everything that I’ve set out to do, and letting myself think about the things that no matter how hard I had already worked, had not yet achieved.

In other words, I was in the motivational danger zone.

So because I had already done my to-do list in the morning and throughout the day when I had a few ounces of motivation, I got home and just sat back, got some perspective from those I look up to, and had an early night. The evenings are my chill time / time to spend with my partner, so I’m still on track with the challenge.

Nothing that is worth having comes easy. On to another day.



Day 6: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Well, this weekend was the first weekend of this challenge. The weekends are my weak points when it comes to consistency. I usually like to stay flexible with my time, but this weekend I was determined to stay rigid!

I wrote up my schedule the nights before, which worked around my rostered shifts, I set my alarms and I’m really happy with how it went!

I wasn’t too sure about what little rewards to set myself for getting my to-do lists done, but after a bit contemplation I’ve decided that if I get everything done on Saturday that getting an extra hour sleep on Sunday will be my reward for this, (absolute bliss after a hard week!).

If I achieve my Sunday to-do list, my reward will be being able to partake in Pizza Sunday, which has been a standard Sunday night ritual in our house for a year or so now! It would be brutal if I had to sit this one out while my partner ate pizza in front of me, so I’d say it will be a decent “carrot” to dangle!

Note: If this is the first blog in this series that you are reading, you should read my introduction on my Day 1 post so you know what I’m raving on about!

I hope you’re smashing your goals today!



Day 4: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Yesterday was a biggun, with a busy day of work, followed by a busy night of work, and sleep. Delicious sleep.

It was one of the 10 things I was most grateful for when I sat down and wrote out my list before bed last night. The fact that after working hard all day, I get to come home to a warm, dry house and my little family (my partner and our cat), and sleep away the stresses of the day in a warm and comfortable bed surrounded by love.

I’m getting the hang of this gratitude journal thing.

I hope you’re smashing your goals today! If not, there’s no time like the present!



Day 3: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


I feel that it will take time to get used to writing what I am grateful for each day! This is a new thing I have added to my schedule after listening to Danelle, and it is has definitely got me thinking! It’s not that I’m not grateful, but I’m usually soo busy getting everything done that I don’t have time to sit and contemplate the things that happened over the day!

I’ve found this has resulted in my filling whatever is left of my “10 grateful slots” with material things, which may not necessarily be the top things I have been grateful for throughout the day, but trying to remember these things is like trying to see shadows in the darkness.  It could be dangerous territory, with the potential to also think about what went wrong, so I will have to be careful not to put myself into a spin.

Other than that, so far so good! Onward and upwards!

Note: If this is the first blog in this series that you are reading, you should read my introduction on my Day 1 post so you know what I’m raving on about!

I hope you are SMASHING your goals today. Why not try the 90 day commitment challenge yourself? I’d be keen to hear how you go!



Day 1: 90 Days Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


A bit of background heading into this series…

I first came across Danelle after listening to her speak at this year’s 10X Growth Con (on the live feed, I wasn’t quite sold enough to attend a conference on the other side of the world at the time!). Her words hit me hard.

Yesterday I signed up for her online training modules on motivation and implementation, in which she asks for absolute consistency and dedication for 90 days, so here we go! I will be documenting my progress as I go (after this blog intended to be a sort of diary of my journey, sharing my thoughts, useful tips and absolute failures as I go).

I consider myself a motivated person, however I do have a few issues with consistency. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I let it get to me, or I don’t have the right tools to do what I need to do and I give up. It has been my greatest weakness, but one I am determined to work on!

Day 1

Not the best start…

I aim to get all my tasks done during the day, so that the hour or so I have before an early night, is completely available to spend time with my partner. The night before, I had let myself get too comfortable sitting by the heater watching a series on Netflix with him, and I went to bed late… and yesterday I struggled to get out of bed… not good.

I ended up getting up too late to do my usual morning routine, and had to come straight to work, while being disappointed in myself for missing out on all the things I usually get done before I get there, and had to play catch up during lunch, and before bed.

Rewards and consequences

I also had to skip my morning espresso stop on the way to work, which I have now decided will be my daily reward for getting my morning to-do list done (most of my to-do list is done in the morning while I am usually most motivated).  This is another thing I have picked up from the training modules, have rewards and consequences for yourself. My morning coffee stop is a treat that I will not have if I don’t start my day properly.

For working hard at my additional jobs in order to pay for the whole trip, I have also tacked on a few extra days in Las Vegas next year, when I plan on attending the next 10X Growth Con! In a way, this is assuming that I will have done the work to get there, but I figure if I haven’t done the work, I won’t have the money to enjoy myself properly, and I will end up working from my hotel room instead, while people outside get to soak up the sun!

So here’s to a (more) consistent 90 days, and more consistent results for all the things I am working towards!

I hope you’re smashing your goals today!