Rebels Change the World

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I’ve already posted today, but I saw today’s wordpress word prompt is ‘Rebel’, and I just couldn’t resist!

There have always been rules, both social or more formal laws. Rules put in place (in theory) to protect, organize, and assist the masses. You only need to stand up and question your immediate surroundings to realise that sometimes the rules can be more of a hinderance to real and positive change than a help, sometimes the rules are protecting the wrong people, and most of the time they don’t stop people who intend to do whatever they want, regardless of how many people they will hurt in the process.

When people are trying to bend or change the rules for a positive outcome, that’s when the magic happens…

Kerri Kasem was unable to visit her elderly father because his wife forbid it. Despite the fact that he also wanted to see her, the law says his wife had to give permission. Have you ever heard anything so strange? Does it make any sense at all?

Well obviously Kerri went to work and changed the law… That’s my kind of woman!

I challenge you to re-think some of the rules you are following. I hazard a guess that most of them are unwritten social rules. Find which ones are making you unhappy ¬†for no real reason other than “this is how we’ve always done it”, and dare to be different.

Stay unrelentlessly you,