The Price of Personal Growth

I came across this image posted in a Facebook group and it resonated soo loudly I just had to share it!

The more I allow myself to follow my dreams, and really listen to what makes my heart sing, the more sensitive I feel to everything else.

I guess its hard to be sensitive to one thing (you), and try feel your way through your jouney, without feeling the potholes in the road!

It also makes me realise how hardened I had become towards the world around me before I decided to allow myself to find my happy. How many reinforced walls I had put up.

Nevertheless the extra pain is worth it to find my happy. After years of pain I know I am strong enough to handle it. It never hurts any less than the first time, I just know I will get past it. Plus… Happiness is the best painkiller 🖤


Bullies and Compassion

We’ve all heard it. Bully behaviour often comes from a place of hurt or insecurity… We should respond to these people with compassion and love, not with anger… But holy hell it’s hard sometimes isn’t it?!!!

Who feels like giving someone a hug, when they’re looking down on you, telling you you’re not good enough, or mocking everything you hold dear?

Bullies can make me soo angry sometimes! I guess this probably comes from a place of feeling like I didn’t fit in, and was bullied for a good portion of my childhood. Child bullies I understand, adult bullies I struggle with more… They should know better. I feel my back start to prickle, and a hypothetical low rumble in the back of my throat. Then I get annoyed at myself for letting someone else have power over my emotions… It’s a vicious circle.

As an aspiring yogi, compassion for everyone at all times is something I am trying to show, but every now and then one of these people remind me that I have a long way to go. I am reminded that I am human, but I will keep striving to do better.

Great big virtual hugs to you all!