Letting go to get success

I’m beginning to realise that the key to realise that the key to getting where I want to go may lie in letting go.

Letting go of the little things that aren’t directly connected to my dreams, and accepting that the rest of my life may not look or feel at all perfect. I have been soo caught up in messages from successful people about creating a culture and standard for yourself in all aspects of your life. But lately it occurred to me that if I just concentrated my efforts to detail while working on my dreams in order to succeed, that success while make room in my life to worry about the rest later. Because worrying about whether I get my washing done on schedule every Saturday on schedule each week sure wasn’t helping me focus on the important things.

More importantly, it opened up much larger and much more productive chunks of time where I could focus solely on working on my dreams, and GET SHIT done, rather than stopping and starting on lots of little things all day. In my eyes a whole Saturday focused on design or sewing up an idea is much more productive than housework, which could be slotted in elsewhere throughout the week.

I guess it’s about pioritising first while I’m still in a startup phase, and trying to do everything myself!

Do what works for you, listen to the advice of other’s but evaluate whether it’s appropriate for you and accept or reject at will. It’s your life, only you know what’s going to work best for you.



Prioritizing Dreams and Blogging


Hello friends!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting… but then, I doubt your daily life revolves around my posts, so probably not 😉

Over the holidays, I stumbled across a video with a few tips by Tim Ferris… then I sought out a few more… and eventually ended up buying his audiobook The 4 Hour Work Week.

Now I had actually heard of this book before, but in all honestly scoffed at the idea that many people could get away with working only 4 hours a week unless they had racked up some serious passive income streams. Basically, I thought that it would never work for me (I hang my head in shame at this now).

Coming back to where I stopped posting…

There were many good (and FRESH) points to take from these resources, and the one which stopped me in my tracks with this blog, was a tip around prioritising when you have many tasks to do that day. He said if you have 10 things to do on a particular day, evaluate them and see if you can find one or more that will either make doing this task faster later on, or will actually in fact make this task redundant…

I write this blog because I hope to prod people along into achieving their goals also. It was my hope that if I could pull the curtain on what it takes to achieve your wildest dreams (because they actually DO NOT happen overnight), that I could show people that yes it’s hard work but it’s hard for everyone, and it’s soo worth it.

Now couldn’t I also do this by spending my writing time on achieving my goals, creating financial and personal freedom for myself and then spend some of my newfound time on doing exactly this? It stopped me in my tracks, I had to re-evaluate, and re-calibrate.

I had almost decided that I would have to move on and use the time I would have spent blogging, on chasing my dreams, BUT I kept getting notifications of new likes and followers and honestly I just couldn’t do it. SO, here’s my compromise to myself… I will ‘batch’ write my blog posts all at once in the weekends, and schedule them so that I am still putting out fresh content just about every day (if not actually every day!). This will help save overall total writing time, and keep my limited free hours during the week for daily dream chasing! I will be a bit more flexible with the content I put out however… I am ditching the designated daily topics and freestyling it!

Hopefully this will not only help me keep up interest when writing a week’s worth of blog posts at once, but will help keep things from becoming boring for YOU, my reader! Obviously I want to create content that stokes that fire inside you and makes you want to keep on chasing your own dreams… otherwise the whole purpose of this blog is redundant…

I’m so glad to be back and with a clearer focus!

Much love…





Controlling Your Focus: Bookmarks Bar


Every morning when I set up an online yoga class, I have to do a google search for the ONE website that I use.

Every morning I think “I should set up a bookmark for that so I don’t have to search for it”, followed by “ohhh that’s not going to fit with the other bookmarks I have and hardly ever use, I’ll clear it out and add it later”.

I never did, until this morning.

It took all of 5 minutes and it will save me plenty more than that not having to search for my chosen yoga website every morning, and being distracted with what bookmarks I did have.

As I was going through them I realised that I had been prioritising other websites that I hardly ever use (e.g. Trade Me), over a site that I used daily, benefited my mental and physical wellbeing, and was directly related to my goals.

I now have my bookmarks bar arranged by order of priority and use, with anything that trails off the end (requiring that extra click on the >> button, being of VERY low importance, and hidden where they can’t distract me from what I SHOULD be using my laptop for if I’m online. Health and wellbeing, writing, researching, and motivating.

Control your environment and what takes your focus!

Have a fantastic day guys, I hope you crush it!