Purpose and puzzles

There are lots of reasons as to why I work so hard, why I do the things I do,and why I want to do them.

But I also feel like a have a bigger underlying ‘why’ for everything I do, and I struggle to put it into words. It’s a feeling, a primal pull, a gut instinct, but I do wish I could put it into better words.

Sometimes it feels like I’m walking around in the darkness with a mysterious object in my hands, something I found along the way, but I can’t quite remember where, or maybe I always had it.

It feels like I’m walking around in the darkness, trying to feel this object and figure out what it is, while also just trying to survive in a world where I can’t see anything.

Each step gets me closer, but it drives me crazy! Can anyone relate?

Stay curious,



Day 63: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

Day 63 brought an epiphany about what is behind the goals I have set myself, how I should be tackling them, and where I would like them to take me in the future. I think I’ve had a good grasp on where I should be spending my time for a while now, but yesterday I just got a bit of a deeper understanding of why, and it changed the way I thought about them.

For example, for years I have been studying various papers from the physical sciences and trying to find work in the industry (sometimes successful, sometimes not). I’ve come to the conclusion that I love science because I just love to learn and there is soo much to learn in that industry. That doesn’t mean I have to be working in a particular science discipline to be learning! I’m learning all the time! There’s definitely room for more… But this doesn’t necessarily have to be all science, all the time, so that’s changed the way I’ve seen my future up until this point. 

Here’s to scary, wider new horizons! Onward, upward, and everywhere!

Day 55: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Other than training for a new area in my volunteer job, and a quick meal and catch up with friends who have either just returned from travelling, or are just about to, it was a fairly typical Sunday.

I did however come to some sort of conclusion about a few questions I had been asking myself about my goals, and the direction I am taking.

I call it my “monthly crisis” (although not entirely accurate as it’s not necessarily that often!) I find that every now and then I feel like I have to sort of “evaluate” what I’m doing and more importantly, why I’m doing it, to make sure I’m doing as much as I can do achieve what really matters most, and that those things still matter most to me. Sometimes I can sort out these little niggles quite quickly, other times it can take a few days of pondering and researching a few things.

A pretty good example of this is “What’s Your Life Purpose Question Tag” video I uploaded a few months ago! I try and ask myself different questions from all different angles and see if I still come out with the same answers, and sometimes, I actually come out with new ideas and methods to achieve the same things! It just keeps me fresh and completely sold on what I’m doing.

I can confirm that I am firmly on track, and still running in the same direction, but still have plenty more track to run! Gotta keep pushing forward.

I hope you’re going out to smash your goals today!