Purpose and puzzles

There are lots of reasons as to why I work so hard, why I do the things I do,and why I want to do them.

But I also feel like a have a bigger underlying ‘why’ for everything I do, and I struggle to put it into words. It’s a feeling, a primal pull, a gut instinct, but I do wish I could put it into better words.

Sometimes it feels like I’m walking around in the darkness with a mysterious object in my hands, something I found along the way, but I can’t quite remember where, or maybe I always had it.

It feels like I’m walking around in the darkness, trying to feel this object and figure out what it is, while also just trying to survive in a world where I can’t see anything.

Each step gets me closer, but it drives me crazy! Can anyone relate?

Stay curious,



The Artist’s Dilemma: Bills vs Passion

As I follow my heart to what is undoubtedly a more and more creative calling, a realm of possibility seems to grow exponentially with each step.

The ideas and opportunities really are endless. For the first time in my life I feel like I am only limited by my own imagination and drive (although some of this is possibly also due to my efforts to learn from as much as possible from as many successful people as possible, including their mindset).

Regardless of the why, it is both overwhelming and INCREDIBLY EXCITING! The anticipation is killing me! I am like a pot boiling on high on the stove (almost) unchecked.

I say almost because a girl’s still gotta pay her bills… And unless said girl is particularly good at her chosen practice, it is unlikely she will be able to pay her bills with any profits from it, and need to take time away from their passion to make some moolah. Being the ‘late bloomer’ that I am, I find myself in the unlikely category…. The frustration is soo real but soo common! I get it, there are soo many of us in this boat, creative and otherwise.

Gary Vee says the key to success is patience and hard work. Let’s hope so! Cause I’m all in!

Can you relate? How do you deal with it?

Stay hungry 🖤


Day 53: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

A side effect of being so busy is that sometimes you forget what day it is. Sometimes you’re soo tired that you don’t even realise that you’ve turned your alarm off until your partner drops the reality bomb on you.

That’s how yesterday started, but thankfully I managed to turn it around, getting my tasks done for the day, and even adding a bit more to my book, which has become my “bonus round”. 

I hope you’re smashing it today! 

Day 45: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


The wheels are finally turning again… thank god! Although not on everything I am working towards (and the least of all, what I want most… isn’t that always the way?), at least there is some sort of movement.

It is also officially the halfway point for this challenge. It’s funny because most of the first half has flown by, but this last week or so has felt twice as long… time to get busy again, dig deep, stay focused, and dominate the second half of this challenge.

I hope you’re smashing your goals today!